Artist: Solo Piano Group featuring Glen Pearson, Derek Mckinney, Janice Maxie Reid, Michaela Overall & Dee Spencer
Title: Piano and Waterfalls
Release Date: 05/21/2021
Label: TNT Recordings
Genre: New Age
01. Yosemiti (feat. Derek Mckinney)
02. Baby Lullaby (feat. Janice Maxie Reid)
03. Breathe and Relax (feat. Dee Spencer)
04. Glow (feat. Dee Spencer)
05. Relax and Listen (feat. Derek Mckinney)
06. It’s Springtime (feat. Janice Maxie Reid)
07. Peace and Relaxation (feat. Glen Pearson)
08. Relax and Meditate (feat. Janice Maxie Reid)
09. Relaxing Waterfall (feat. Michaela Overall)
10. Peaceful Meditation (feat. Glen Pearson)


Artist: Solo Piano Group featuring Glen Pearson, Derek Mckinney, Janice Maxie Reid & Michaela Overall
Title: Piano and Rain
Release Date: 02/05/2021
Label: TNT Recordings
Genre: New Age
01. Dawn (feat. Michaela Overall)
02. Piano and Rain (feat. Derek Mckinney)
03. Patience (feat. Janice Maxie Reid)
04. Angel (feat. Derek Mckinney)
05. Peaceful Moments (feat. Derek Mckinney)
06. Daytime Lullaby (feat. Derek Mckinney)
07. Serenity (feat. Michaela Overall)
08. Cascade (feat. Glen Pearson)
09. Quiet Storm (feat. Glen Pearson)
10. Dusk (feat. Janice Maxie Reid)


I have been utilizing the music from Solo Piano Group in my clinical practice since I was introduced to the first recording in 2019. It is used as an adjunct to our traditional talk therapies including Grief Therapy, evidence-based: Cognitive-Behavioral therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Additionally, SPG has become an essential part of our Expressive Arts Therapy Program. Every song from SPG allows us to create a healing environment to our culturally-diverse clientele. The calming melodies and rhythms gently invite clients to access their inner selves in a non-threatening manner. The embodiment of emotions is evoked through the various moods in the music.   Clients report feeling empowered when they are able to release unwanted pain or stress from the body.
I am especially excited with the remarkable results I’m seeing with clients who are on the Autism Spectrum. The soothing sounds are calming to the ears, and serve as a massage to the mind, body and soul. The sincerity of the music and professional quality sound make Solo Piano Group our go-to channel.
Angelica Guajardo, M.A., LMFT, C.E.A.T.
Expressive Arts Therapist




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